Weed Seeds – Legal To Purchase? A Look Across the Globe

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Weed Seeds – Legal To Purchase? A Look Across the Globe

The legality of purchasing weed seeds is frustratingly like all other legal matters pertaining to marijuana; tricky. Depending on the Country, State, and a variety of other circumstantial factors, one may or may not be legally permitted to purchase them.

Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds are a product of cannabis plants; these plants are dioecious, which means that their male and female organs appear on separate individuals. Cannabis plants that are solely female are used to produce high potency cannabis and seeds that drop from matured plants are harvested for the production of hemp products or for the production of more plants.

Although the price of seeds depends a number of factors (availability, location, breeder etc.), seeds typically cost between $10 to $20 dollars per seed. Thus, a pack of ten seeds can cost well over $100. Individuals can physically, although not necessarily legally, purchase seeds on various online seed banks.

Some of the more common productions sites can be found within Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands. The laws concerning the production and sale of cannabis seeds in these countries are less stringent and therefore more attractive (and less risky) to growers.

United States

As a general matter, and certainly on a purely federal level, purchasing cannabis seeds in the United States seeds is illegal. This is because marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substance Act and the purchasing (and importing) of an illegal substance is of course illegal. However, on a State level where cannabis may be legal in either a medicinal or recreational capacity, approved cannabis dispensaries and (in some cases) individuals may purchase and possess seeds.

The laws and regulations governing the purchase of seeds will vary according to the legislation passed by the state and depending on the license the business has acquired, will limit the quantity and source of the acquired seeds. Similarly, the number of seeds that an individual can possess varies by state. For example, if an individual lives in Colorado, he or she can legally purchase enough seeds to grow six marijuana plants for recreational use. Washington D.C has a similar framework in place for individual growers whose intent is to use the seeds purely for personal use.

Due to the federal prohibition, importing cannabis seeds from outside of the United States may prove challenging and risky, Continue Reading      

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