6 Things to do While Stoned and Broke.

Connection and music are the ultimate things to do while stoned and broke

You’re High, now What?

Move over, baseball! America’s new favorite pastime is a lot more hazy. Nine states so far have approved regulated cannabis for adult recreational use (and more expected to follow suit). Toking up some green is becoming a common addition to many Americans free time. For people who partake regularly it’s not a secret that cannabis makes just about anything better. This phenomenon is so universal, even pop culture references it in shows like Family Guy or movies like Pineapple Express. Lighting up some quality ganja in itself is a favorite activity of mine, but once you’re high what comes next? (Especially if you’re waiting for payday!) We’ve put together a list of 6 things to do while stoned and broke.

1. Get Active!

Although broad, this includes walking, running, biking, lifting, yoga, boxing– whatever it is that works for getting your blood pumping! The lazy stoner stereotype is an easy one to break. The power that cannabis can provide to a workout has been such an explosive discovery that last year even Vogue picked up on it and featured a story about California residents getting high and hitting the gym. There’s also the increasingly more known secret that a lot of UFC fighters turn to cannabis as a tool to push their pain threshold while training or fighting, in addition to those same benefits when it comes to healing afterward.

Getting active is always a good option of something inexpensive to do, but it’s undeniably better with weed. Only speaking from my personal experience, a stoned workout is over before I know it. I habitually get high before doing cardio because it allows me to put in my headphones and pick motivation out of the music. I’ll be 20 minutes in before I even realize I’m running. Another member of the Evergreen Market team smokes before trail running and in his experience using cannabis beforehand draws the endorphins out quicker resulting in an earlier onset of a “runner’s high”. For people that enjoy being active, it brings mindfulness and focus. For people that may not be so inclined to find joy in it, it allows you to bring inspiration from elsewhere and use it to continue on. This is one of the healthiest things to do while stoned and broke.

Suggested strain pairings: XJ-13, White Widow, Durban Poison

2. Eat!

The munchies are a real thing. As someone who has been personally Continue Reading

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