February 17, 2017
Photoperiod for Growing Weed in the USA

Photoperiod for Growing Weed in the USA

For the weed farmer, the way to grow weed, the foremost vital plant/environment interaction to know is that the influence of the photoperiod. The photoperiod is that the daily variety of hours of day (light) vs. night (dark). In nature, long nights signal the plant that winter is returning which it’s time to flowers and manufacture seeds. As long because the day-length is long, the plants continue vegetative growth. If feminine flowers do seem, there’ll solely be a couple of. These flowers won’t type the characteristic giant clusters or buds. If the times area unit too short, the plants flowers early on, and stay little and underdeveloped. The plant “senses” the longer nights by an on the spot interaction with lightweight. A flowering endocrine is gift throughout all stages of growth. This endocrine is sensitive to lightweight and is rendered inactive by even low levels of sunshine. once the dark […]

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