December 28, 2017
top 2017 strains

Top 2017 Seeds To Grow in your Planting Pot

Are you ready to grow the best genetics known to our generation? Find a seed company that’s been around for a while and trusted in the community, preferably one with plenty of favorable reviews online. Never have seeds shipped to the location at which you plan to grow. Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow – 3 – $33.06 – AutoUltimate – 3 – $33.06 – Strawberry Cough – 3 – $30.79 – Auto Blackberry Kush – 3 – $33.07 – Auto Blueberry – 3 – $33.07 – Auto Glueberry OG – 3 – $38.77 – Frisian Dew – 3 – $26.23 – Durban Poison Auto – 3 – $35.34 – Colorado Cookies Auto – 3 – $33.07  – Royal Queen Seeds Chocolate Haze – 3 – €23.00 – Honey Cream (Royal Caramel) – 3 – €20.00 – Euphoria – 3 – […]
June 28, 2017

Choosing Quality Cannabis Seeds

Choosing quality cannabis seeds from high-quality cannabis genetic so that they can grow into high-quality cannabis plants. If you wish the pot you are smoking, you may just like the marijuana or pot you grow. The name of your marijuana or pot has very little to try to with efficiency and should have originated within the mind of some enterprising dealer. Invariably opt for your seeds from what you think about to be the simplest marijuana or pot seeds. Do not be swayed by exotic names. If you’re not at home with selecting cannabis seeds of connoisseur quality, raise somebody whose expertise you respect for seeds. Smokers tend to avoid wasting seeds from exceptional marijuana or pot although they newer commit to planting them. The origin of your marijuana or pot although you knew it surely, has very little to try to with whether or not it’ll be dynamite or […]
February 21, 2017


VARIATIONS IN WEED POTENCY The WEED POTENCY of a specific weed sample can vary owing to several factors different then the variability. several of those ought to do with the natural development of the plants and their rosin glands. Environmental factors do have an effect on WEED POTENCY, however the area unit massive variations in any selection. These inherent factors should be explained before we are able to verbalize factors outside the plant that have an effect on relative efficiency. Strictly environmental effects area unit mentioned in Chapter nineteen. Variations in Cannabis efficiency inside types of Cannabis There area unit noticeable variations in psychoactive drug concentrations between plants of an equivalent selection. variations area unit massive enough in order that you’ll be able to tell (by smoking) that bound plants area unit higher. this can be no news to home growers, WHO usually realize a specific plant to be outstanding. […]

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