Chocolate Diesel Strain

High Potency Sativa Strain

Sometimes you just have to get stuff done. For those times, there’s Chocolate Diesel!

Chocolate Diesel is a Sativa that unites the genetics from Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai.

Recreational consumers prize this strain for its wicked head rush, abundant energy, and heavy cerebral effects. It might be a no-no, though, for those who are prone to weed-induced paranoia or newcomers to cannabis.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The look of Chocolate Diesel can be somewhat surprising. After curing, the forest green flowers are small in size and extremely dense giving them a very indica-like appearance. The aroma is distinctly diesel with whiffs of fresh pine. The smoke can be pretty acrid but pleasant, taking on flavors of nuts and cocoa as well as strong diesel.

How Will it Affect Me?

Most who try Chocolate Diesel speak of a soaring euphoria that quickly shoots straight to the head leading to a high-flying, energetic experience. The first effects are the familiar sativa pressure around the eyes and temples followed soon after by a body rush and complete change in cognitive patterns. Your mind may wander quickly from subject to subject. This type of mental chatter makes CD a great strain for brainstorming sessions or waxing with a few close friends over any and all interesting topics. Or, you may find that the energetic high will give you the motivation to complete menial tasks with a positive attitude.

Medically, Chocolate Diesel is Ideal For:


If you love a good sativa that comes on quick and keeps you moving, you’re going to love Chronic Therapy’s, Chocolate Diesel!

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