Herbal Vaporizers Benefit from a Wealth of Herbs Beyond Cannabis

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October 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017

Herbal Vaporizers Benefit from a Wealth of Herbs Beyond Cannabis

Herbal Vaporizers Benefit from a Wealth of Herbs Beyond Cannabis

It’s no secret that most customers who’ve bought herbal vaporizers did so with the intent to vape cannabis. But an herbal vaporizer is essentially an herbalizer, meaning that it can effectively vaporize a myriad of beneficial herbs beyond marijuana. If you’re going to pump money into the best dry herb vaporizer you can find, you may as well explore the full spectrum of what this advanced piece of technology has to offer. Today, we take a look at 19 herbs you can plug into your herb vaporizer and their distinctive effects. (But before we go into that, always consult with your physician before attempting any sort of self-medication with herbs).

Basil: Herbal Vaporizers Release Stress-Relieving Oils

You’ve had it in your food, maybe you’ve even taken a few whiffs to help ease your stress but did you know that, when vaporized, basil releases oils that heighten its benefits? Pack some basil into an herb vaporizer to feel the soothing effects on both your mind and your stomach. However, if you’re pregnant, basil is an herb best avoided.

Calea Zacatechichi: The Herb That Promotes Lucid Dreaming

Calea Zacatechichi is easily one of the least common herbs on the list but one that can launch you into a distinctly psychedelic, though perfectly legal space. Sometimes simply referred to as Calea Z, it earned its reputation as the “dream herb” for its tendency to catalyze lucid dreaming. Obviously, the herb is prized amongst those trying to master the skill of lucid dreaming but users can also pop some Calea Z into their herbal vaporizers for feelings of sedation with the potential for light hallucination. Vaping Calea Z is said to make the results more pronounced.

Catnip: It’s Not Just for Cats Anymore

Silly vaper, catnip is for cats…or so you thought. Actually, loading your herbalizer with catnip can have a calming, tranquilizing effect with a very subtle high. Since your cat’s favorite plant effects humans in a totally different way, you won’t have to worry about tearing up the upholstery.

Chamomile: Out of the Tea Cup and Into the Herbal Vaporizer

Chances are that you’ve had chamomile for an upset stomach or to help you with insomnia. But chamomile is actually one of the herbs vaporizer pens can transform into thick clouds of pure relaxation. Aside from helping with digestion and anxiety, it’s also been known to have positive results for easing headaches and depression. Some people even like to add Continue Reading

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