How A 12-Year-Old Girl Could Help End Pot Prohibition

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October 11, 2017
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October 11, 2017

How A 12-Year-Old Girl Could Help End Pot Prohibition

How A 12-Year-Old Girl Could Help End Pot Prohibition

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Is it true that a 12-year-old girl could help end pot prohibition? According to the latest reports, the answer is yes. The girl in question is Alexis Bortell, and up until recently, she had been suffering daily seizures. But now, because of her life-saving medication, she finds herself trapped in Colorado.

Meet Alexis Bortell

Twelve-year-old Alexis Bortell is an eloquent and precocious sixth grader living in Colorado. In addition to her school work and social life, she enjoys all of the activities that are typical of preteen girls: authoring a book, going on speaking tours and challenging the federal government.

Born in Texas, Bortell has a debilitating form of epilepsy that caused her to suffer daily seizures.

The medicine that her doctors had prescribed came with awful side effects that, according to Bortell, were worse than the actual disease. The maximum time that Bortell could be seizure-free was a grand total of three days. Her education suffered because of frequently missed classes. She and her parents were getting desperate. Her doctors were at a loss. They even suggested an “experimental lobotomy” to achieve just the chance of some relief.

Rather than radical brain surgery, her parents decided to move the family from Texas to Colorado to pursue a different approach: medical marijuana.

Bortell now takes Haleigh’s Hope cannabis oil orally twice a day and carries with her an oral THC spray to self-administer the medicine in the event of a warning sign of a seizure, called an aura. Kind of like a rescue inhaler.

Since starting her regimen of medical cannabis, Bortell experiences auras once a month at most. She has not had a seizure in over two years.

The Law

Because Bortell’s parents relocated the family from Texas to Colorado, she is able to access the medicine that she needs to survive and thrive. It should come as no surprise that ever since she started using medical marijuana, her quality of life has dramatically improved.

But there’s a catch: she can’t leave Colorado.

Bortell needs to keep her emergency THC spray on hand at all times. Because of federal laws prohibiting the transportation of cannabis—even with a prescription—across state lines, Bortell is essentially trapped in Colorado.

Last year, she was invited to lobby in Washington, D.C. with NORML, but she had to Skype in instead. And even if she Continue Reading

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