Interviewing Educator Mike Rhode at The Evergreen Market

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January 12, 2018
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January 12, 2018
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Interviewing Educator Mike Rhode at The Evergreen Market

New York Dabber Mike

Educator Mike Rhode’s first love was flower, but upon moving to the PNW- terpy dabs have quickly become the favorite.

Mike Rhode didn’t end up in the cannabis industry by accident.

This time last year, Mike was in the middle of making the biggest change of his life. He dropped everything and hit the road to cross the country and come to Washington state, intent on becoming a part of the booming industry surrounding his favorite plant– cannabis.

“When Colorado and Washington legalized I was still in high school at the time, but it was a huge wake up call. I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I love smoking weed.”

It was a risk that Mike would undoubtedly say paid off, but nothing was guaranteed when he arrived to the PNW. “I called up my best friend and said ‘hey, wanna move to a state where weed is legal?’” When Mike got here he ended up working at a local hotel for three months before landing his foot in the door at The Evergreen Market. “I went to The Evergreen Market regularly, naturally it became my first choice to work at. Another employee encouraged me to apply, so I did.”

Just like many modern stoners, Mike’s infatuation with flower was quickly replaced by concentrates. New York Mike is a dabber through and through.

“Oil over flower. I love to dab it, pens are okay, carts are fine– but nothing beats a fat glob on a hot nail straight to the face.”

He credits the convenience and flavor to his preference. “I’m a busy guy.” Mike said referencing the speedy effects that a big dab has versus sitting and burning a bowl or a joint. Specifically terp sauce is where it’s at for him, and coincidentally also a trend we’re seeing industry-wide. The more that terpenes become common knowledge, the more we might see the focus shift off of what is the highest THC percentage to what is really packing those rich essential oils that dictate taste and aroma. It’s those specific characteristics that land Tangie as Mike’s favorite strain. When talking about why Tangie is number one for him, he said, “the mental stimulation and the flower having a specific flavor profile, there’s nothing compared to the taste of real Tangie.”

Tangie is Mike’s favorite. “The strain has the most orange-y, tangerine taste and smell.”

Mike doesn’t smoke strictly Tangie, of course. He also cites Continue Reading

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