LilSmasher Rosin Press


Use a mold for pre-pressing to create a puck. We recommend not to press more than 7 gm at a time. We only press about 3.5 gram with this unit. Pre-pressing will give you consistent results and will also give you cleaner rosin.



Plug and Play Press – by NugSmasher

• 6500 PSI (*That’s 6500 lbs of pressure per square inch!)

• Made out of solid steel

• Large 4”x4” Smash Plates

• Dual heating elements 300W

• Temperature Control

• Circuit Protection

• Fast Retract Plate Release

• Manual arm pump

• Made in America

• Guaranteed for LIFE (excludes shipping fees)

• Includes HD power cord Visit on

IG: NugSmasher Local Pick Up Available – Corona CA Think green!


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