Berry White


Berry White is a hybrid strain that is the offspring of parents of near-celebrity status in the cannabis world: Blueberry and White Widow. Berry is famous in its own right for its even, balanced effects that offer relaxation from stress and anxiety along with a sense of euphoria. This strain is perfect for inspiring an upbeat mood and may lead to conversation and creative pursuits. This plant’s flowers have a light sour berry and pine smell and a fresh taste similar to their scent. They generally have a strong blue coloring contrasted by orange hairs.

Sativa effects shine through in this strain. Most users need only a couple of hits to induce happy euphoric feelings and uplifted mood. A growing number of users report a surge in creativity, more powerful than the happy high. Some users state they feel more focused. Berry White has common negative side effects, which include paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, and dry eyes and mouth.

The strain provides a semi-powerful body high when a large quantity is consumed, which allows people to experience relief from minor aches and pain. Unfortunately, those suffering from severe pain will likely find this strain to be of little help.

Berry White, like other strains with similar genetic make-up, has been helpful to people suffering with muscle spasms and nervous ticks. However, Berry White is most often used to alleviate depression, stress, anxiety, nausea, chronic migraines, and low appetite.

Berry White is a cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry (Indica) and White Widow (Sativa). The exact genetics of this strain, however, are unknown. It is said to have a fruity smell that turns into a strong sour berry scent when the buds are broken up. Flowering can be expected in approximately 50 days. The strain is capable of producing 400 to 500 grams per square meter. Berry White can be grown indoors or out, and it is easy to care for as it grows a good ratio of calyx and leaves, which makes it an easy plant to trim.

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