This video does an amazing job of summarizing why I don’t focus…

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October 11, 2017
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October 11, 2017

This video does an amazing job of summarizing why I don’t focus…

This video does an amazing job of summarizing why I don’t focus on #YouTube for profitability anymore, and only use it as a tool for building brand and content marketing.

YouTube is making it more difficult to organically achieve revenue from content that they deem unsuitable for advertisers. This includes cannabis, as it is still considered a drug. But it also means content including “strong language”, or even discussion of current events like recent tragedies. These restrictions box in the creative process in a way that forces the end product into a distillation of senseless “good feeling”. It makes thought provoking content fall to the wayside of the mindless drone of the mainstream we’ve managed to avoid from television.

For years, I’ve produced various shows and media for YouTube that range from the proliferation of pot news, to QNA livestreams, to the sit down smoke sessions. Every single one of my videos have been demonetized now. What I’ve discovered over my journey is that all cannabis related content, no matter how you paint the pig, is at risk to this discrimination.

Profitability on YouTube is only achieved when your content is directly sponsored by companies you wrangle, or when paired with another strategy (brand building, affiliate codes, selling your own products, etc). Brands like #LinusTechTips realize this, and focus their business strategy on accruing sponsorships and affiliate sales through Amazon links.

TLDR: So when you wonder why you don’t see more weed stuff on YouTube, that’s why.

Stay regular super stoners~

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