Trump’s Anti-Pot Policies Irk His Supporters

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Trump’s Anti-Pot Policies Irk His Supporters


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While President Trump was on the campaign trail, he told supporters that he was in favor of medical marijuana. He also said that anything pertaining to the legalization of cannabis was something that should be left up to the individual states. But then, in true Trump fashion, as we would soon learn throughout the unnerving course of 2017, we witnessed the appointment of Mister “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” Jeff Sessions, who took the reins as leading law enforcement hammer at the U.S Department of Justice. It was the first indication of Trump’s anti-pot policies. And it confused some of Trump’s more loyal supporters in the beginning. They simply could not understand why the president would want to work with a man who has made it his mission to ensure marijuana remains an outlaw substance.

A year has passed since Trump started running the United States on clown shoe politics. Although he, himself, has not taken a vocal stand on the issue of marijuana legalization, his attorney general has had no problem with being the voice of the administration’s anti-pot views. In the past twelve months, Sessions has made countless threats against the cannabis industry. He even wrote a letter to Congress last year asking them for permission to prosecute anyone associated with medical marijuana. Most recently, however, the attorney general rescinded an Obama-era memo (Cole) that has given states the freedom to legalize marijuana without much federal interference since 2013.

By all accounts, Trump’s anti-pot policies indicate that his promise to respect states rights in the arena of marijuana reform seems to have been a lie.

Trump Supporters A Bit Miffed Over Trump’s War on Marijuana

Trump’s anti-pot policies are not settling well for those of his supporters who firmly believed their candidate was sincere about his marijuana views when they showed up at the polls in 2016. It is difficult to tell how this, or any other of Trump’s grade school shenanigans, will translate when the American voters head back to the ballot in 2020. Some of the latest data from Morning Consult shows that President Trump’s approval rating is still strong among the constituencies responsible for helping him win the election.

But there is a relatively solid indication that the president could be at risk of losing those of his supporters in favor Continue Reading

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