Vape Devices Are Allowed on Most Planes if You Follow These Rules

Vape Devices Are Allowed on Most Planes if You Follow These Rules

Spring Break is coming up quickly (though not quickly enough for some of us). In your mad dash to catch a plane to Daytona, Cancun, Tahoe or whatever sunny locale is beckoning you this year, you may want to refresh yourself on one of the most common questions we hear around this time of year: “Can you bring a vape on a plane?” The short answer: yes, vape devices and vape gear are permissible on flights. Now for the long answer…

Vape Batteries Must Be Removed from Checked Baggage
Batteries of vape devices cannot be packed into carry-on luggage.

In 2016, the TSA tightened the rules on batteries for vape devices since those being used to power cheap vaporizers were considered a risk in the cargo hold. Therefore, though vape batteries are still permitted on flights, they cannot be packed into your checked baggage. If your battery is built into your e-cig or vaping device, then the entire device must either be kept on your person or as part of your carry-on.

The Benefits of a Disassembled Vape Devices

Because of these tightened regulations, it’s a good idea to fully disassemble your vape devices prior to travel. Batteries should be removed from mods, atomizers should be detached, and your current vape cartridge should be emptied of e-juice. Don’t feel like emptying your e-juice? Then your tank is going to have to be packed in accordance with the 3-1-1 rule (listed in detail below). If you have your original e-cig or vaporizer packaging, it can be helpful to re-pack the parts into the box so that TSA can easily identify the device and its pieces during inspection.

The TSA-Enforced 3-1-1 Rule

Your e-juice is subject to the general 3-1-1 Liquid Carry-On Rule established in 2006 by the TSA that basically dictates that:

3 – All liquids packed into carry-on baggage must be placed in bottles not exceeding the amount of 3.4 ounces (or approximately 100 milliliters).
1 – All of your bottles of liquid must fit into a single, clear, zip lock bag not to exceed 1 quart.
1 – Each passenger is allowed only 1 quart-sized bag.

The rest of your e-juice can be packed away as part of your checked luggage but should be packed well and secured. It may even be in your best interest to pack smaller bottles of e-juice so that the potential of accidental spillage doesn’t end in soaked, ruined clothing.

Removing Your Box Mod
Your box mod Continue Reading

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