Veganic Marijuana Prompts the Question “Isn’t Cannabis Already Vegan?”

Veganic Marijuana Prompts the Question Isn't Cannabis Already Vegan

With a growing emphasis on health trends in Western culture, veganism has never been more popular than it is today and only shows signs of continuing to grow in popularity. A strict vegan diet has built-in challenges that require stringent research. Products you may assume to be vegan-friendly use animal byproducts in subtle ways. Many wines use fish bladders for straining. Gummy candies that make use of gelatin incorporate collagen from animal bones and horse hooves. Similarly, animal byproducts are regularly used in growing cannabis. Fortunately, for those of us adhering to a strict vegan diet, vegan methods have been successfully incorporated in growing cannabis. The result is most often referred to as veganic marijuana.

How is Marijuana Not Already Vegan?
Blood meal is just one soil additive that restricts the average cannabis plant from being considered vegan.

You may be asking yourself, “Since it’s a plant, isn’t marijuana, by its nature, vegan?” That boils down to how its grown. A lot of marijuana growing techniques incorporate animal byproducts to improve soil nutrients. Examples of animal byproducts used in cannabis cultivation include:

Bone meal
Blood meal
Fish hydrolase

And depending on how strict of a vegan you are, you may also wish to include:

Worm castings
Bat guano

Some potentially vegan alternatives to these ingredients include:

Compost teas (you can find several vegan-friendly formulas online)
So What is Veganic Marijuana?

Veganic marijuana originated from growing techniques started in the 1940s by a horticulturalist collective consisting of Maya E. Bruce and Kenneth and Rosa Dalziel O’Brien. Their techniques resulted as an attempt to recreate the natural growing environment of plants in the wild and thus preserve soil quality. Adding animal byproducts and waste to the soil gradually depleted it of its health. Anyone who’s tried their hand at cannabis cultivation knows it’s got its own unique challenges but veganic gardening techniques have been successfully adapted for growing marijuana. The term veganic is a hybridization of the words “vegan” and “organic.” While veganic gardening is not limited to cannabis, the growth of veganic marijuana has gained more popularity as more states legalize and health-conscious patients with strict diets are introduced to cannabis.

The Benefits of Veganic Cannabis
Veganic marijuana uses vegan and organic growing techniques typically used in microbial compost teas.

We’ve covered the “vegan” portion of veganic growing. Now let’s talk about the “organic” side. This means that the compost teas and nutrients used in growing veganic marijuana refrain from using synthetic chemicals. Cutting out unnatural pesticides Continue Reading

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