The WEED POTENCY of a specific weed sample can vary owing to several factors different then the variability. several of those ought to do with the natural development of the plants and their rosin glands. Environmental factors do have an effect on WEED POTENCY, however the area unit massive variations in any selection. These inherent factors should be explained before we are able to verbalize factors outside the plant that have an effect on relative efficiency. Strictly environmental effects area unit mentioned in Chapter nineteen.

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Variations in Cannabis efficiency inside types of Cannabis

There area unit noticeable variations in psychoactive drug concentrations between plants of an equivalent selection. variations area unit massive enough in order that you’ll be able to tell (by smoking) that bound plants area unit higher. this can be no news to home growers, WHO usually realize a specific plant to be outstanding. Five-fold variations in psychoactive drug concentration have conjointly shown up in analysis. However, after you take into account an entire cluster of plants of an equivalent selection, they are comparatively similar in cannabinoid concentrations. sort II plants area unit the foremost variable, with individual plants a lot of over different inbound cannabinoids.

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Variations by plant structure

The concentration of cannabinoids depends on the plant structure, or a lot of specifically, the concentration and development of rosin glands to plant structure. the feminine flower bracts have the best concentration of rosin glands and area unit typically the foremost potent plant elements. Seeds and roots don’t have any rosin glands. These show no quite traces of cannabinoids. Smoke seeds can offer you a headache before you’ll be able to get high. If you bought high on seeds, then there have been most likely enough bracts adhering to the seeds to urge you high.

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On the proper area unit the potencies, in falling order, of the assorted plant elements

Female flowering clusters. In apply you do not separate many small bracts to form a joint. the full flowering mass (seeds removed), at the side of tiny concomitant leaves, forms the fabric.

Male flower clusters. These vary a lot of in relative efficiency looking on the strain (see “Potency by Sex,” below).

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Growing shoots. Before the plants flower, the vegetative shoots (tips) of the most stem and branches area unit the foremost potent plant elements.

Leaves (a) that accompany flowers (small); (b) on branches (medium);(c) on main stem (large).

Generally, the smaller the leaf is, the harder it is.

Petioles (leaf stalks). Same order as leaves.

Stems. Same order as leaves. The smaller the stem (twig), the upper the amount concentration of cannabinoids. Stems over 1/16″ in diameter contain solely traces of cannabinoids and don’t seem to be price smoking. the tiny stems that bear the flowers are quite potent.

WEED POTENCY for Seeds and Roots. Contain solely traces (less than .01 percent) and don’t seem to be price smoking or extracting.

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