What’s Trending? The Rose Blunt.

Learn to roll a rose blunt from our test run of a few different methods!

When it comes to the cannabis community, it has often been what’s trending now, the hot new strain or most recently, the exclusive roll brought to you by Sasha.

It was the biggest craze when last week Sasha posted a tutorial about rolling a blunt with rose petals.

Quick, easy and “earthy and floral, delicious” as she describes it upon the first hit, rolling this blunt turned out to be a little more work than I expected.

The step by step process she outlines includes a lot of licking (nothing new if you roll blunts or backwoods), putting together the petals and then broiling in the oven for ten seconds to have it act as a glue and dry together, to get your wrap ready to roll. This also allows the petals to dry out more and not be so wet, which helps with an even burn that doesn’t go out when smoking your rose blunt.

I will have to admit, the first try rolling this came from the inspiration of a friend’s post on IG about a rose blunt she had just rolled, so there weren’t any instructions.

But just knowing it was possible was enough for me. Plus, I had one single rose at the house, so it perfectly timed out. Thanks, Universe!

But without the actual twitter tutorial to guide me, I never did the lick and broiling to dry, I just licked and rolled. So, although my joint had incredible rose taste, it went out almost every few puffs (it may have not if it was being passed around a circle, but I was solo and not trying to suck it down, but really enjoy the smoke) so the tip to dry it out in the oven using the broil setting is crucial. Especially if you don’t want to be annoyed having to relight your joint every fifteen seconds.

My second attempt was still done a different way, rolling it fresh and then letting it air dry over the course of a few days (not intentional, forgot to smoke it, then finally remembered I still had it.. you know.. cause I got high!)

For my last attempt I wants to try it the “correct” way using the oven to finish the petals to a dryer state. I got another gorgeous rose and set my Continue Reading

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