Where to Start Your Search for Marijuana Industry Jobs

How to Get Marijuana Industry Jobs

The legalization of marijuana across the nation has made a significant effect on the economy. 29 states have now have legalized medical marijuana and 8 states have legalized the plant for recreational use. The locations include California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Maine and Massachusetts which, in total, make up 20 percent of the country. It’s fair to say this new billion dollar industry is presenting itself as a goldmine for those looking at new business or employment opportunities. It’s being called the Green Rush and there are many people looking to get started or set up in this exciting new industry.

Opportunities for Those with Entrepreneurial Spirit
Budtender is among the many popular jobs in the cannabis industry.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might consider starting up your own cultivation plant, product line or dispensary. Marijuana stocks have now hit the market as well, opening up the door for even more ways to earn money through the popularity of this plant. These directions take a lot of capitol however and the industry has been cracked open so wide that there are many entry level and professional marijuana industry jobs that have opened for those interested in working in the field. There is such a vast range of opportunity, as well, that options exist for everyone; no matter the profession, field of expertise or interest.

The Vast Options for Cannabis Careers

People can work at cultivation plants, dispensaries, testing facilities, in production, packaging, delivery or specialized product manufacturing. You can work with patients, for marijuana businesses, a tech company, a firm or simply work for yourself. The options are limitless and, at the end of the day, it depends on your skill set and how much you are willing to explore of this new industry. You will need enough interest in your position to allow for growth and longevity.

Looking for Marijuana Industry Jobs Requires Research
Finding the right marijuana industry jobs requires researching the subject to figure out which aspect of the business interests you.

To start with, you will need to research the industry in depth. Sign up to marijuana industry websites, apps, magazines, blogs, and newsletters. Know what is happening in the country today with marijuana law, medical studies, products and trends. There are cannabis universities, colleges and certification companies that you can attend or whose curriculum you can read and study on your own. Reading marijuana industry books will give you a good understanding Continue Reading

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